With a new campaign comes a new look and feel. Therefore, we updated our photo library to imbue it with more warmth and humanity, with each photo telling its own story. When narrating an authentic human story of individuals striving to achieve their dreams, it should never give the impression that the dream is merely stock photography.​​​​​​​
In additional to a larger storytelling spot, we want to prompt our audience to share with us what is their dream career is by using the "I see myself as _____" filter on Instagram.
This campaign garnered a total of 231,000 impressions and 83,000 video views, which is the highest engagement we have ever achieved for a social campaign at Coursera.
CD - Art: Ben Pang
CD - Copy: Christopher Watkins
Consumer Marketing Director: Emily Keller-Logan
Marketing manager: Iris Wu
Designers: Tiger Zhang, Kinsey Bowser
Production: Blink

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